[153] These are the first Sunday in April, which is the date on which Raëlians believe the Elohim created the first humans; 6 August, which marks the day of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945; 7 October, which is the day in which Raël claims he encountered the Elohim for the second time, in 1974; and 13 December, marking the day that Raël allegedly first encountered the Elohim in 1973. Raël serait le fils de Yavhé, demi-frère de Jésus et de Bouddha, le "messager" venu sur terre pour […] [235], The initiation rites include declaring an oath or making a contract in which one agrees to become defender of the Raëlian ideology and its founder Raël. [278] Two ex-Roman Catholic priests, Victor Legendre[279] and Charles-Yvan Giroux,[280] converted to Raëlianism. [60] In Raël's account, the inhabitants of the Elohim planet "have 10 percent of masculinity and 90 percent of femininity. Our mission: The Raelian Movement’s goals are twofold: To spread worldwide the message that the Elohim gave Rael in 1973 and 1975. [132] Anyone involved in the Movement found to have been involved in these latter activities is excommunicated,[133] while Raël has recommended that paedophiles be castrated or placed in mental institutions. They are then guided through it by a Raëlian Guide speaking through a microphone;[160] the meditation may be accompanied by New Age music. [172], There had been a range of reported UFO sightings in 1970s France,[173] and the ancient astronaut theory was "very much in vogue" in the country by the middle of that decade. "Rael's Girls" is another group of women in the movement which are against the suppression of feminine acts of pleasure, including sexual intercourse with men or women. [75] "[273], Raëlians engage in missionary activities to attract new people to their religion. [179] Opposition to Raël remained evident in MADECH and in 1976 he disbanded the group, launching the Raëlian Movement as a replacement in February 1976. Raël France © 2021. The International Raëlian Movement claims tens of thousands of members, the majority centred in Francophone areas of Western Europe and North America as well as in parts of East Asia. [234] Other individuals have been stripped of their status as Angels altogether, when they are perceived to have acted in contravention of the group's ethos. [83] They typically express scepticism regarding claims by alleged alien contactees other than Raël. [40] Raëlians themselves often deny the impact of von Däniken on the movement, instead believing that it comes entirely from Raël's revelations. Raël did so and the over the course of six days Eloha explained to him the true meaning of its contents, thus revealing more about the Elohim's involvement in human history. The middle of the poster was taken up by pictures of extraterrestrials’ faces and a pyramid, together with a flying saucer and the Earth. None of the governments of these countries were supportive. [236][237] The Order of Angels has its own hierarchy of "rose angels" and "white angels" which, as of 2003, are six and 160 women, respectively. [154] In some instances, when the necessary individuals are present, Raël touches the head of a Raëlian bishop, who in turn touches that of a Raëlian priest, who touches the head of the initiate to ensure the "transmission". [25], In July 2001, Raëlians distributed leaflets on the streets of Italy and Switzerland protesting the existence of over a hundred child molesters among Roman Catholic clergy in France. [259] This view is shared by Mike Kropveld, executive director of Info-Cult, who says the controversy leads to criticism by both religious and non-religious people. [57] Raël alleged that there are 90,000 of these Elohim on their planet and that they are all quasi-immortal. Identifying visual entities in a collection of INA videos or in your images. Le Mouvement Raélien est une religion athée qui diffuse à travers le monde un Message à propos de l’origine de la Vie sur Terre. They are handpicked by Raël for their physical beauty, and are described as being the first humans who will approach the Elohim on the latter's arrival on Earth. Raël, le Dernier des Prophètes nous explique dans ce Message que les Elohim ont créé scientifiquement toute forme de vie présente sur terre… En savoir plus [195] That year he married for a second time, to a 16-year-old ballet student. [37] The Swiss writer Erich von Däniken had also famously presented the same idea during the 1960s;[38] his book Chariots of the Gods had been published in German in 1968,[39] after which it was published in French and English in 1970. Raëlism has received a critical reception from both ex-Raëlians and members of the anti-cult movement. [102] He claims that robots will assume menial tasks, allowing humans to devote their time to pleasurable pursuits. [45] He alleged that these aliens gave him the honorific name of "Raël",[46] a term deriving from "Israel",[47] and which he translates as meaning "the messenger of those who come from the sky. [71] According to the Raëlians, the Great Flood narrative recounts an attempt by the anti-human aliens to wipe out humanity, but that humanity was rescued by an alien spacecraft which provided the basis for the story of Noah's Ark. Parler de filet de sécurité est pour le moins ironique quand on parle de la vie des membres de minorité religieuse en France. Un raëlien obtient gain de cause après 15 jours de grève de la faim. [92] Many commentators believed that the announcement had been a hoax,[201] and it brought much ridicule of the Raëlians. [154] Below Raël are the "Bishop Guides", then the "Priest Guides", then the "Animators", then the "Assistant Animators", and finally the "Probationers". [160] One stage of this process is "oxygenation", which entails deep breathing. [113] Members are expected to take responsibility for their own actions, respect cultural and racial difference, promote non-violence, strive for world peace, and share wealth and resources. [165], Palmer found that Raëlians varyingly described a sense of physical well-being, psychic abilities, or sexual arousal during these meditations and interpreted these as evidence that they were in telepathic contact with the Elohim. [292] Many journalists sought to portray Raël as a danger to his followers, akin to David Koresh or Jim Jones, although Palmer thought this "ludicrous", stating that Raël was "not prone to violence". The students were invited to burn the crosses in a park not far from Montreal's Mount Royal and to sign letters of apostasy from the Roman Catholic Church. [13], An internal survey of the group's members in 1988 found that there were almost double as many men as women in the Movement. Go Topless Day is their annual event, with women protesting topless except for nipple pasties to avoid arrest. [244] At one camp, participants were invited to dress in the clothes of the opposite gender as part of an exercise to play with the fluidity of gender expression. [108][109] Due to its emphasis on attaining immortality, Raëlism deplores suicide; after the Heaven's Gate group engaged in a mass suicide in 1997, the Raëlian Church was among the new religions that issued press releases condemning suicide. Couples who have converted from different religions from each other are common, especially with spouses who were Christians or Buddhists. Voici 16 choses à savoir à propos du mouvement raëlien. 91 In October 2002, Raëlians in a Canadian anti-clerical parade handed out Christian crosses to high school students. [242], The Raëlian Church holds week-long summer seminars known as "Stages of Awakening. [161][236] Activities such as observations of one's own genitals and masturbation with them disturbed Brigitte McCann, a Calgary Sun reporter who entered one of the Raëlian seminars. Brazilian farmers have been using Monsanto's genetically engineered soy plants as well as the Roundup herbicide to which it was artificially adapted. En France, la majorité sexuelle est à 15 ans, en Suisse à 16 ans, aux USA à 18 ans et dans certains pays musulmans à 21 ans, voire 25 ans !!! 209 Palmer cited Raël, who said that more than 60% of the Raëlian Movement's members do not tithe.[96]:p. Raël responded by saying that Korean officials treated him like a "North Korean" and that he would wait for an apology before coming back to Korea. [133] Throughout the history of Raëlism, members of the Raëlian Church have toured public settings advocating masturbation, condoms and birth control. [135] Raël states that should two individuals wish to procreate, their psychic control during the act of conception can have an impact on the child. THE MESSAGES FROM OUR CREATORS Here’s where you can obtain the physical books! "[15] They are not allowed to procreate to have children and many undergo a sterilisation operation to ensure this. [192] Through it came Clonaid, of which the Raëlian Bishop Brigitte Boisselier was co-founder, director, and spokesperson. [294] Palmer argued that the Raëlians lacked the paranoid mentality and demonization of the outside world that had been common to new religious movements that resorted to violence. They formed a rival, smaller group, the Apostles of the Last Days, espousing the belief that Raël had been the original mouthpiece of the Elohim but had been taken over by Satan. On 29 March 2001 the police administration denied authorisation, referring to two previous refusals. [87] He added that they will bring them the 39 immortal prophets whom they had previously sent to guide humanity. During his encounters with an extraterrestrial, Rael received a series of messages that cover all aspects of human life. Testimonies by ex-Raelians. [75] He initially claimed that he was chosen for this role because he had a Roman Catholic mother and a Jewish father and was thus "an ideal link between two very important peoples in the history of the world. [119], Raël viewed gender as an artificial construct and emphasised its fluidity. [42], The Raëlian use of the swastika—a symbol that had been prominently used by Germany's Nazi Party during the 1930s and 1940s—led to accusations from the Montreal anti-cult organization Info-Cult that the Raëlians promoted fascism and racism. [289] Critics have argued that in promoting a governance system whereby people are graded by their intelligence, coupled with its emphasis on genetic engineering, Raëlism bears similarities with Nazism. The movement gave vocal support in response to the company's support for genetically modified organisms particularly in their country. [209] The majority of members are referred to simply as "Raëlians",[59] while those who are in the higher levels controlling the Movement are referred to as the "Structure. [93][94][95] By 2001, $9 million had been saved for the embassy,[96]:p. 64 and in October 2001, the funding had reached $20 million. [185] In her research, Palmer found many practitioners who admitted to not paying the tithe. [91], Receiving little support for this venture from the Israeli government, Raël instead suggested that a neighbouring country might be suitable, proposing Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt as possible locations. The Episcopal vicar of Geneva sued the Raëlian Church for libel but did not win.[96]:p. 209, The group initially owned a country estate in Albi, France, before later obtaining one in Valcourt, Quebec. "[181] Unlike MADECH, it promoted a broader religious structure, including ritual practices. Find DigInPix in INA's Research Area.. DigInPix is a system that automatically recognizes visual entities coming from dictionaries in INA videos or in your images. [59] In more severe cases, the council can oversee a "demarking", by which they cancel the transmission of the cellular code, believing that this revokes the individual's hope for immortality through cloning. [162] Practitioners are taught to relax and then envision themselves expanding their frame of reference until the self becomes only a tiny speck within the universe. Les Raéliens sont au travail en France depuis 1974. [198], In December 2002 Boisselier announced that Clonaid's work had resulted in the birth of a baby, Eve, which she claimed was the world's first human clone. [293] Following statements that the Order of Raël's Angels would do anything for Raël, there was also press speculation that the group would engage in mass suicide akin to that of the Order of the Solar Temple. Téléchargements mobiles 123413151_4931194106898673_8731236145315308391_n. It holds that throughout history the Elohim have created forty Elohim/human hybrids who have served as prophets preparing humanity for news about their ultimate origins. [12] This is done so that the Elohim can decide which individuals merit being offered the opportunity of eternal life. [50] He stated that the Eloha asked him to return the following day and to bring a Bible with him. [56] In believing humanity was created by the Elohim, Raëlians reject Darwinian evolution and espouse creationism and intelligent design;[66] Raëlians call their approach "scientific creationism. [34] The sociologist of religion Christopher Partridge noted that Raëlianism exhibits "a strong physicalist belief system". This guest post was written by Gabrielle Guillemin* and is a re-blog from Inforrm's Blog (original post here). [252] The movement is supportive of genetically-modified foods. [202] In January 2003 the Raëlians declared that the parents of Eve had gone underground to evade attention. [285] The group informed Palmer that she had now lost the opportunity to meet the Elohim on their arrival. [13], Lewis noted that people who were not part of the Raëlian Movement tend to view Raël's claims, as presented in his writing, as a conscious forgery. "[160], Claude Vorilhon was born in Ambert, France on 30 September 1946. "[210], The Structure is divided along a six-tiered system. [184] Raël's first two books were then published in a single English edition, titled Space Aliens Took Me to Their Planet in 1978 and republished as The Message Given To Me By Extra-Terrestrials: They Took Me to their Planet in 1986 and, in a new translation, as The Final Message in 1998. [169] He was the illegitimate son of a 15-year-old mother; his father had been a Sephardi Jew then in hiding from the Nazi authorities. [269] It states that the Elohim used their advanced technology to establish all life on the planet. [220] This tithe is then divided up, with 3% going to the national branch and 7% to the International Movement's central administration. They subsequently divorced but continued to live together as a couple. [246] It expresses its intention to develop technologies that can create "designer babies" to the desired specification of their client. [240] The women of Rael's Girls say there is no reason to repent for performing striptease or being a prostitute. [233] Gold Ribbon Angels have been demoted from this status as they have aged, on the explanation that as their physical beauty has deteriorated they are no longer suited to greeting the Elohim. [178] Raël also announced that he had been contacted by the Elohim for a second time and that on this occasion they had taken him to visit their planet. [b] Scholars of religion classify Raëlism as a new religious movement. Similarly, based on her attendance at Raëlian events in Quebec, Palmer noted that men usually outnumbered women. In February 1997, they created Clonaid, a company devoted to human cloning. [131] On these grounds, she suggested that Raëlism had a particular appeal for "people who define themselves as sexually marginal". 15. [141] Raëlians regard this as a symbol of infinity. In 2002 the company alleged that it had successfully produced a human clone, a baby named Eve, bringing much critical scrutiny and media attention to the group. [225] The Pink and Gold Ribbon Angels are expected to abstain from sexual activity with most other humans but should receive instruction in alien lovemaking from Raël himself as well as engaging in sexual acts alone or with other Angels. [107] After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States, in which the attackers committed suicide, the Raëlists proposed that they could be resurrected through cloning to stand trial for their actions. Raël's claims are taken literally by practitioners of Raëlism,[32] who regard his writings as scripture. [59] He added that they are all permitted to engage in free love with one another, and that sexual jealousy between them has been eliminated. [75] Initially, Raël sought permission to build it in Israel,[90] explaining this by reference to how the ancient Israelites were once in contact with the Elohim. The Raelian structure said in 2007 to have about 2,300 members,[215] 170 "Raëlian guides",[216] and 41 bishops. [51] In his 1976 book Les Extra-Terrestes M'ont Emmené Sur Leur Planete ("The Extraterrestrials Took Me to Their Planet"), Raël added that he was contacted by the Elohim again on 7 October 1975, when they took him aboard their spaceship and transported him to their home planet. [176] Vorilhon began referring to himself as "Raël. [130] Researching about the Raëlians of Quebec, Palmer found that many avoided categorising themselves using terms like "heterosexual", "homosexual", or "bisexual", finding these labels too limiting. Rael's Girls solely consists of women who work in the sex industry. [152] This is used as part of the "baptism", or initiation ceremony for new members joining the Movement. [70] These are characterised as being 39 prophets sent to humanity at various points. [246] La préfecture de Moselle a fait preuve de discrimination a son égard, en raison de ses croyances philosophiques et religieuses. [205] This decision led to the quick cancellation of the planned Raëlian seminar which seven hundred registered for. ET wants Peace, too!" Ce dernier aurait rencontré des extraterrestres, les Elohims, qui l’auraient amené à bord de leur soucoupe volante afin de lui révéler la "Vérité". "[181] Senior members of the Structure re-elect him to that position each seven years. [58] He also reported that the Elohim are able to communicate with humans because they have an understanding of all human languages. [171] In November 1973, a new law was introduced in France banning speeding on the highway, ending his work as a test driver. They express the view that such liberalized sex education teaches youngsters how to obtain sexual gratification which would encourage sexual abuse of underage children. [70] References to Satan are interpreted as referring to the head of a group on the Elohim's planet who were opposed to genetic experiments on Earth and who argued that humanity should be destroyed as a potential threat. [21], Along with science, the other main source underlying Raël's ideas is the Bible. [23] Similarly, the sociologist of religion Susan J. Palmer characterised Raëlism as being both fundamentalist and Abrahamic in its reliance on the Bible. [62] Raël characterises humans as "biological robots" that have been created and programmed by the Elohim. [122] Palmer described the Raëlians as feminists,[123] although Raël criticised mainstream feminism, arguing that it "copied the shortcomings of men". [26], In 1995, a parliamentary commission issued a report through the National Assembly of France that categorized the Raelian Movement (Mouvement Raëlien) as a secte, a French term with the connotations of the English word "cult". An atheistic religion, it believes that the Elohim have historically been mistaken for gods. [106] In this, they believe in a "conditional immortality", with immortality for a minority and oblivion for the majority. [100], Raëlians reject the existence of the ethereal soul that survives physical death,[105] and instead argue that the only hope for immortality is through scientific means. [10] The Raëlists have also been characterised as having a "belief in ufology",[11] although Raëlians themselves often stress that they do not regard themselves as Ufologists. Répartition dans le monde et nombre d'adeptes Des groupes se sont d’abord constituer en Belgique, au Québec, en Angleterre, en Grèce, en Côte "Je suis Raelien" est une chanson créée par la "cellule jeune" du Mouvement Raelien de Kama (Afrique), puis ensuite reprise par Parisse Raelien du Congo. "[112], Raëlism insists on a strict ethical code for its followers. [133] Those believed to have forced unwelcome sexual attention on another is excommunicated from the Movement for seven years—the amount of time Raëlians believe it takes for all of a person's biological cells to be regenerated. [259] She compared this deliberate use of controversy to the actions of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan, which behaved in a similar fashion during the 1960s and 1970s. Raelians held first international online forum to discuss diplomatic protocols for extraterrestrial contact [27] The launch of this group and its promotion of human cloning incited much debate among other religious figures, scientists, and ethicists. [86] It claims that if humans successfully get through this present age, they will live in an era of advanced technology in which society will be tolerant and sexually liberated. [286] Palmer noted that in wider society, Raëlism is "universally mocked";[287] Chryssides noted that at conferences of scholars of religion, where individuals are accustomed to studying a broad and diverse range of belief systems, attendees still often treated Raëlian beliefs with "incredulity or even mirth". "[299], The two variants of the Raëlian logo; the former uses the swastika in the centre and the latter a swirl representing the shape of a galaxy. [129] Adopting an accepting attitude towards different forms of sexual orientation and expression,[68] Raëlism teaches that differences in sexual orientation are rooted in the Elohim's primordial genetic programming and are something to be celebrated. Raëlians are encouraged to take part in this guided meditation or visualisation on a daily basis, with the intent of transmitting love and telepathic links to the Elohim and achieving harmony with infinity. [224] Pink Angels wear a pink feather on a necklace and are considered by Raël to be the "Chosen Ones" who will become the consorts of the Elohim. [151] Doing so denotes the initiate's formal recognition of the Elohim as the creators of humanity. An open letter to President Trump Dear Mr. President, You have in recent days issued a number pardons, as many of your predecessors h ... » When Atheism and Creationism meet Raël, le Dernier des Prophètes nous explique dans ce Message que les Elohim ont créé scientifiquement toute forme de vie présente sur terre… En savoir plus [222] Trans women were permitted entry; Raël praised one transgender member for "choosing to be a woman. [140] Raël stated that this was the symbol he originally saw on the hull of the Elohim's spaceship. [26] Several scholars have also argued that it is a "world-affirming" religion, using the typology established by Roy Wallis. [181], In 1976, the Raëlians launched a mission to the Canadian province of Quebec to attract converts in the Francophone region. [58] All are regarded as fairly feminine in their manner;[60] Raël states that "the most feminine woman on Earth is only 10% as feminine as the Elohim. [106] The resurrection of Jesus, as recounted in the Gospels, is for instance explained as an example of Elohim cloning. On 16 April 1987, the Chicago Sun-Times estimated the funding for the "cosmic kibbutz" at $1 million. In February 2000, I was staying in a French Raelian's apartment in Marseille France for a month whose identity "was" (the sentence was removed some point) revealed in Claude Vorilhon Rael's book saying that in early years French Raelians didn't have a meeting because this Raelian Police Officer informed that the meeting would be raided by the police. [126], Raëlism teaches that the Elohim created humanity to feel sexual desire as a panacea for their violent impulses. [77] In his 1979 book, Let's Welcome Our Fathers from Space, Raël added that he was the biological son of the Eloha whom he first encountered, Yahweh. A Raëlian guide said in a Wired News interview that he was not ashamed of what is shown and that he has no concerns about this incident. Poursuivre Facebook pour action criminelle ? [80], The religion also teaches that the Elohim continue to monitor every human individual on Earth, remotely, from their planet. [246] Another Raëlian company, Ovulaid, seeks to provide ovaries for individuals and couples who cannot biologically produce their offspring. [221] An additional 1% may go to Raël himself. The case concerned the Swiss authorities’ refusal to allow a billboard campaign… [112] Celebration of the 1st created human being Raelians in Vegas. [58] Members are also discouraged from contributing to global overpopulation;[58] members are urged not to have more than two children, and ideally none at all. [14] The religion's founder, Raël, characterises traditional religion as irrational and unscientific,[9] presenting his alternative as a movement that is free from "obscurantism and mysticism". [149] It is the group's policy that these events take place in rented rooms rather than property that the Raëlian Movement itself has purchased. [277][278][279] The structure of the movement had promoted some of them to the level of Priest or Bishop due to "extensive Bible training and teaching skills". Tous droits réservés. [99] [187] The following year, his first wife left both him and the movement;[133] he subsequently embarked on a relationship with a Japanese Raëlian, Lisa Sunagawa, for several years. [185], According to Michel Beluet, the former director of a Raëlian-built museum called UFOland, the only pressure exerted on members is to attend annual Raëlian seminars, which allows members convinced of Raël's enthusiasm to voluntarily tithe.[96]:p. Whether you have an interest in atheism, modern science, UFOs, religious scriptures, guided meditation, intelligent design or even sci-fi, the reality is that once you get acquainted with these messages, your perspective on life may never be the same! Raëlists typically wear a medallion of the symbol around their neck. [276] This process is known as the "lifting of the frontal bone. [124] Generally adopting the view that the human body is highly malleable,[125] Raëlism has taken a positive view of plastic surgery to improve physical appearance. [36] Several French authors, such as Jean Sendy, Serge Hutin, and Jacques Bergier, had already published books in the late 1960s and early 1970s stating that Earth was the outpost of an ancient extraterrestrial society. [2] Raëlism has also been described as a UFO religion,[3] a UFO movement,[4] and an ETI religion. [88] Raël stated that humanity has to build an embassy for the Elohim prior to their arrival on Earth and that it must include a landing pad for their spaceship. [195] They are encouraged to limit their meat consumption and to avoid eating carbohydrates and sugar so as to maintain their physical beauty. And also to find the happiness we are all meant to have as human beings? [270] In 2001, the sociologist David V. Barrett suggested that there were around 40 to 50 committed members in the country and around 500 sympathisers. [111] Raël told lawmakers that banning the development of human cloning was comparable to outlawing medical advances such "antibiotics, blood transfusions, and vaccines. [230], Pro-GMO: On 6 August 2003, the first day of Raëlian year 58 AH,[251] a tech article on the USA Today newspaper mentions an "unlikely ally" of the Monsanto Company, the Raëlian Movement of Brazil. [262], The book Yes to Human Cloning (2001) attracted media attention after its release, including segments on 20/20 and 60 Minutes.[263]:p. Cette page vous donne l'occasion de lire par vous-même cet extraordinaire «message» qui vient de l'au-delà des étoiles. [113] The Raëlian view is that everything should be permitted so long as it harms no one and does not impede scientific and technological advance. "[126], The Order of Raël's Angels is organised around a six-tiered structure, mirroring the six-tiered structure of the Raëlian Movement as a whole. [81] This will be a single world government that Raël terms a "geniocracy,"[98] or "rule of geniuses,"[99] and which he discusses in his fifth book, Geniocracy.

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