After them comes Aspicia, their mistress, and daughter of the mighty Pharaoh. There were other ballets and operas being done at the same time but Petipa and Pugni managed to pull the whole thing together in six weeks. They are followed by the King of Nubia who has come to ask for the hand of the Pharaoh’s daughter. I have a performance of Ananiashvili in "Fille du Pharaon" its the premiere (@ the Bolshoi via Lacotte). This is just a note to let you know that I edited the various typos in the words "pharaon" and "pharaohs" (having the correct spelling is useful when one uses the search engines, for example). They find her by a miracle, sleeping on a moss-covered rock. Or Che-zah-reh. I studied Italian and the proper pronunciation is "Poo-nyee" He came to Russia after a long and successful career in Italy and Paris composing ballet music. There are quite a few others. Taor who, from his hiding place, is following the scene with horror, seizes a bow, left behind by one of the hunters, and neatly lodges an arrow right in the lion’s heart. for the corps de ballet and much of the action sequences) is only vaguely documented. This is why I'm asking if it was his first work - because it's very simple - even for Pugni. [midrach Chémot rabba 1,26] => Ceci montre à … Cf. In 1864, the ballet was transferred from Petersburg to Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre. Solor, the word in the press is that the Kirov would not allow the Bolshoi access to the original orchestral score of Fille du Pharaon, so the Bolshoi was forced to make an arrangement. 5° Le pharaon qui donna sa fille en mariage au roi Salomon (1Ro 3:1), avec la ville de Guézer comme dot (1Ro 9:16). Filmed 2003 at the Bolshoi Theatre. -> La fille de Pharaon était écœurée de l'idolâtrie de la maison royale et du peuple égyptien symbolisée par le fleuve (le Nil), considéré comme un "dieu" à cause de son rôle économique prépondérant en Egypte. "Fille du Pharaon" is anything but Pugni's 1st work. The notations document Petipa's choreography for the dances of the principal roles, while the rest of the choreography (i.e. At the height of the general rejoicing, the stage is enveloped in clouds. Neith est une princesse royale, fille du puissant Pharaon Iahmes Saneith. Why do I even make this point?????? The principal dancers at the opening night were Carolina Rosati (Mummy/Aspicia), Nicholas Goltz (Pharaoh), Marius Petipa (Ta-Hor), and Lev Ivanov (Fisherman). The last print edition, in 29 volumes, came out in 2001, but the online edition is updated continually. The Nile God does as she bids. So then Aspicia declares that she is ready to die together with her loved one. La fille du pharaon ballet. Extrait du ballet LA FILLE DU PHARAON de Cesare Pugni du Théâtre du Bolchoï diffusé en direct au cinéma le dimanche 23 novembre à 16h. Right, FauxPas, same "gn" as in "gnocchi". Stars Svetlana Zakharova (Aspicia), Sergei Filin (Lord Wilson/Taor), Gennadiy Yanin (John Bull/Passiphonte), Maria Aleksandrova (Ramzé), Dimitri Gudanov (The Fisherman), Inna Petrova (The Fisherman’s Wife); Anna Tsygankova, Anastasia … The Pharaoh enters, surrounded by a brilliant suite of dignitaries and palace officials. Was the music changed at some point? His face lights up with a radiant smile as he remembers the wonderful dream he has just had. Scene 6The mighty God of the River Nile, the ruler of the underworld, gives Aspicia a warm welcome and recognizes her to be the daughter of the great Egyptian Pharaoh. Taor advises her to rest and goes off with the fishermen. La Fille du Pharaon (Pharaoh's Daughter) Dancewear by Patricia. He demands that Taor be brought into his presence and threatens to kill him if the latter does not tell him where Aspicia is hiding. For example - the introduction before at the beginning of the ballet is completely different. The Egyptian potentate agrees to give his daughter in marriage to the King of Nubia and the two men sign a treaty of friendship. Russians are not always reliable when it comes to Italian names. Scene 3Taor, and his servant Passiphonte, hurry off to the forest in search of Aspicia. No sooner has he departed, than the King of Nubia, accompanied by his bodyguards, enters the hut. I think "Ses-ar-ay Poog-nee' sounds good. » (Rapporté par Al-Bayhaqi) Voici l’étonnant récit de cette femme pieuse dont l'histoire n'a pas retenu le nom et qui a vécu sous le règne de Pharaon. Maybe like the zillion ways of spelling Tchaikovsky. The orchestrations in many numbers are alot different. Talk about Bland! Self-correction: the mention that Pugni's music was played as quadrilles at balls is from Natalia Roslavleva's "Era of the Russian Ballet" in her chapter on Petipa. I think the music of Pugni is great, I mean its not classical music, its ballet music! London, Her Majesty's, pubd London: Ondine, ou La naïade (J. Perrot, F. Cerrito), 22 June 1843, complete (1844); La Esmeralda (Perrot), 9 March 1844 (London, Milan, 1845); Eoline, ou La dryade (Perrot), 8 March 1845 (1845); Kaya, ou L'amour voyageur (Perrot, J. Weiss), 17 April 1845 (1845); Catarina, ou La fille du bandit (Perrot), 3 March 1846 (1846), as perf. It is really quite beautiful and has some lovely music. If the music was in fact changed, is the score used at the premiere the orignal Pugni? tie, qui vient du grec dunasteia, succession de souverains qui ont une même famille. Mais lorsque le Pharaon la remarque et décide de la prendre comme concubine, Neith est obligée de fuir la Basse-Egypte, accompagnée de son frère Sennedjem. Touched by Aspicia’s selflessness and the depth of her feeling, he forgives Taor and gives his blessing to the young couple. Act III Scene 5Taor and Aspicia are hiding in a fisherman’s hut on the banks of the Nile. Solor is pretty close. He created many ballets way before this ballet, and he dies 8 years after its premiere (premiered in 1862, he dies in 1870). They just have boring tunes! La femme prit l'enfant, et l'allaita. If You Want to Disable Cookies, Please See Your Browser Documentation. His name is pronounced (Che-zar-ay Pooj-nee) - not real phonetics but good enough. Genèse 41 Segond 21 (SG21) Joseph devant le pharaon. I think the music of Pugni is great, I mean its not classical music, its ballet music! First produced by Marius Petipa in 1862, at Petersburg’s Bolshoi Theatre, it was given several revivals. He created many ballets way before this ballet, and he dies 8 years after its premiere (premiered in 1862, he dies in 1870). “A Dream from the Past” — such was the sign, written in bold letters so it was visible through the thick clouds covering the stage, that appeared at the end of the prologue to the ballet La Fille du Pharaon, at its premiere performance in 1862. Thanks for the update. Aspicia is saved. Le peuple aimait la fille de Jephté, car c’était une excellente servante de Jéhovah. King James Bible And Pharaoh's daughter said to her, Go. Gigal est partie à la recherche du lieu historique, en Egypte, où la fille de Pharaon aurait sauvé des eaux l'enfant Moïse. Enchanted by Aspicia’s beauty, Taor tries to follow her but the princess disappears in a limpid haze. Aspicia tries to calm him down and promises she will never belong to anyone except him. Also, the Adagio's between Taor and Aspicia have different arrangements, as well as some other numbers. Fantastic dreams now take form: the walls of the sepulchre disappear and the mummies come to life and leave their sarcophagi. anc. The Pharaoh is furious when he hears of his daughter’s disappearance, and orders that the runaway couple should be apprehended. In the interview on the new DVD with Lacotte, he states that indeed the Mariinksy would not give up the originl Pugni score. I always thought it was pooh-nee but it sounds kinda odd when you say it so I'm going to ask. … 9 La fille de Pharaon lui dit: Emporte cet enfant, et allaite-le-moi; je te donnerai ton salaire. Evidently he died quite poor after he retired from his position as resident composer to the Imperial Ballet. Therefore, to avoid being caught, she runs over to the window and throws herself into the Nile. But who knows? The design is unique and the tutu is really breathtaking. Theres a number in it by Drigo, but the rest is Pugni., tous les conseils pour la future maman et le futur papa sur la grossesse et l’accouchement, et pour les parents sur l’éveil du bébé, l’éducation, la santé et la psycho de l’enfant. It's more like Che-zahr-eh. It is (to Anglophones)  CHE-sar-ay POOn-yee. Darby Bible Et la fille du Pharaon lui dit: Va. 2 Mose 2:9 German: Modernized Da sprach Pharaos Tochter zu ihr: Nimm hin das Kindlein und säuge mir's, ich will dir lohnen. To obtain a box for a performance of this ballet, which started at 7.30 in the evening and ended just before midnight, was considered a great feat. Ballet of the Moscow Imperial Bolshoi Theatre, 1 Teatralnaya ploschad (1 Theatre Square), Moscow, Russia, Bol'shaya Dmitrovka Street, 4/2, Moscow, Russia. By Given the ridiculous story line, the ludicrous wigs and sets and costumes which look like a somewhat lacklustre folie bergere, you know from the outset that La Fille du Pharaon is no classic. And, going up to the sacred snake, she holds out her hand so that it will bite her. I didn't realise Pugni composed so many works! At the foot of a pyramid they meet a caravan of Arab merchants who kindly invite them into their tent. You should hear these versions that are in the Ananiazhvili premiere that I have. 391, 416). Règne: on sait peu ce choses sur ce pharaon qui a construit la plus grande pyramide : l'une the city of David. La Fille du Pharaon was danced to acclaim in Moscow too. The music sounds way different than that of the performance DVD now available of Zhakarova. The subtitle of the Strauss was "The Wonder of the World" which was meant to celebrate the great suspension bridge in Budapest. Lord Wilson wakes up and looks round him in astonishment. The first name is almost the trap the second name is with the tricky "gn". wow! Act I Scene 1A young Englishman, Lord Wilson, is traveling through Egypt with his servant, John Bull. 45 Et Pharaon appela le nom de Joseph Tsaphenath-Pahanéah, et lui donna pour femme Asenath, fille de Potiphérah, Gouverneur d'On; et Joseph alla [visiter] le pays d'Egypte. Milan, La Scala, pubd Milan: Elerz e Zulmida (L. Henry), 6 May 1826 (?1827); Edoardo III, ossia L'assedio di Calais (Henry), 15 Feb 1827, with music by Rossini, Mozart, Meyerbeer (1827); Pellia e Mileto (S. Taglione), 28 May 1827 (1827); Agamennone (G. Galzerani), 1 Sept 1828 (1828, 1832); Adelaide di Francia (Henry), 26 Dec 1829 (1830); Guglielmo Tell (Henry), 19 Feb 1833 (1833); Monsieur de Chalumeaux (Galzerani), 14 Jan 1834 (1834), Perf. It's The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, kind of the musical equivalent of the Encylopaedia Britannica. The adagio of Aspicia and Ta-or had much more dull, less colorful orchestrations (in act 1), as does the adagio at the beginning of the 2nd act. September 18, 2005 in Ballet History and Music. The Princess throws herself into her father’s arms and tells him of her adventures, of her love for Taor and of how the King of Nubia threatened her and forced her to jump into the river. The section he extracted mainly concerned Vazem's fights with Petipa during the creation of "La Bayadere" in 1877. New creation 2020. The harp arpeggios that accompany Aspicia's decent into the bottom of the nile are gone from the Zhakarova perfotmance. I noticed in the Ananiashvili film that the music is much different in some sections....for example, the introduction/'overture' before the 1st scene is entirely different than that of the other 2 films I have, which, I think, were filmed later. Aspicia asks Taor to hide. Pierre Lacotte, the famous researcher into our ballet legacy, who has breathed new life into more than one forgotten masterpiece of past centuries, had long ago been fired with enthusiasm by the idea of resurrecting Petipa’s mighty, pseudo-Egyptian fresco: ever since, in fact, he had begun to realize the fascinating discoveries to be made by the would-be restorer of ancient ballets, an art genre that one might think did not lend itself to restoration. At that very minute, a magical metamorphosis takes place: Lord Wilson and his servant become Egyptians. He and some of the other "dansants" cribbed music from then-popular theater works and dance tunes. Other productions include: Ballet of the Moscow Imperial Bolshoi Theatre (staged Petipa), with Praskovia Lebedeva as Aspicia, Moscow, 29 November (old style 17 November) 1864; Ballet of the Moscow Imperial Bolshoi Theatre (staged Aleksander Gorsky after Petipa), with Vasily Tikhomirov as the English Tourist (Taor/Lord Wilson) and Enrichetta Grimaldi as Vint-Anta (Aspicia), Moscow, 27 November 1905; a new production by Pierre Lacotte for the Bolshoi Ballet in 2000, which included only three reconstructed dances from Petipa's original choreography for the Grand Pas d'action of Act II. Ballet Alert! Is the Pharaoh's Daughter Pugni's first work? Tout les fleuves mène vers vers l'océan mais le fleuve NIL a conduit Moïse vers la fille de Pharaon. 2 Alors sept vaches belles et grasses sortirent du fleuve et se mirent à brouter dans la prairie. Le mot "Pharaon" est en réalité une déformation grecque d'un mot égyptien qui signifiait "Palais royal". Et la fille de Pharaon lui répondit : Va; et la jeune fille s'en alla, et appela la mère de l'enfant. The Pharaoh’s rage turns to gratitude. Aspicia is only too well aware that her marriage to the King of Nubia will separate her forever from the man she loves. Son caractère : De nature émotive, Hajar apprécie particulièrement le calme et l’harmonie. It was adored by Petersburg ballerinas, especially Mathilda Kshessinska who regarded the ballet as her ’personal property’ and shone in it not only by virtue of her technique, but also thanks to her Romanov Faberge diamonds. Pugni used it as an implied compliment to Taglioni. Hajar Adnane, chanteuse et actrice d’origine marocaine. Carolina Rosati had a contractual right to a new ballet for her benefit. This Site Uses Cookies. I thought that was how it was pronounced. Non Italians often mispronounce the "s" between 2 vowels. La Scala, 1847, with addl music by G. Bajetti, complete (Milan, 1847); Lalla Rookh, or The Rose of Lahore (Perrot), 11 June 1846, collab. F. David (1846); Le jugement de Pâris (Perrot), 23 July 1846 (1846); Coralia, ou Le chevalier inconstant (P. Taglioni), 16 Feb 1847 (1847); Fiorita et la reine des elfrides (Taglioni), 19 Feb 1848 (1848); Les métamorphoses (Taglioni), 12 March 1850 (1850), Stella, ou Les contrebandiers (A. Saint-Léon), Paris, Opéra, 22 Feb 1850, complete (Paris, 1850), Perf. 45 Pharaon appela Joseph du nom de Tsaphnath-Paenéach; et il lui donna pour femme Asnath, fille de Poti-Phéra, prêtre d'On. In the far corner of the pyramid, he notices the tomb of the Pharaoh’s daughter. Jean-Henry Saint-Georges, Author libretto. La Fille du Pharaon was immensely popular with the public. The 1st is the premiere, I believe, with Ananiashvili and Filin (This is a professionally shot film, of the premiere I believe). Anthony NYC - what is the 'online edition of Grove's"? If so, why the changes? In La Fille, Kshessinska felt herself to be the ’queen of the ball’. La fille de Jephté se rendit donc au tabernacle de Siloh et y servit Jéhovah le reste de sa vie. Suddenly, a very powerful storm gets up and the travelers and merchants hurry to take shelter in the nearest pyramid. Aspicia wakes up and recognizes the handsome youth. "Fille du Pharaon" is anything but Pugni's 1st work. The Pharaoh rushes over to his daughter and holds her back. En attendant d’avoir fini de bâtir son palais, le temple de l’Eternel et le rempart autour de Jérusalem, il l’installa dans la cité de David. Nearby are her attendants, who are worn out by the intense heat. Powered by Invision Community. The God of the Nile fulfils her wish. Oblivious to everything around them, they gaze at each other. The 2nd is a cam-corder recording with Alexandrova and Scortsov, and the 3rd is the DVD with Zhakharova and Filin. Click on "subscribe" to find out why I don't use the online edition of a very valuable reference which I consult, on the average, once a month. Elle décida ce jour-là de se "laver" (se purifier) de l'idolâtrie de son père et de son peuple. 1 was. i would have pronounced it more like 'poon-yee'. Full of sadness, Taor reminds Aspicia that soon she is to marry the King of Nubia. The only other things in exsistence that can be heard are "Pas de Quatre", "La Esmeralda". She wanted Petipa to stage it for her. At the height of the festivities, Taor is handed the key to a secret door through which the couple make their escape from the palace. Elle a souffert certes mais mantenant elle se repose pour l'éternité. It's silly, but a bit of a pet peeve of mine. But the young Princess has only one request — she wants to see Taor again. Hearing of this, Taor is out of his mind with despair. Pharaon, roi d'Egypte, était venu s'emparer de Guézer, l'avait incendiée, et avait tué les Cananéens qui habitaient dans la ville. Puis il l'avait donnée pour dot à sa fille, femme de Salomon. The lion is surrounded but, suddenly, he breaks out of the ring of hunters and makes for the Princess. I'll state again that with regard to 19th century ballet music and choreography. 1 Rois 9:24 La fille de Pharaon monta de la cité de David dans sa maison … The directorate allowed Petipa to stage the work with the proviso that it only take six weeks to stage. The King of Nubia orders that they should be seized and threatens them with revenge for having abducted Aspicia. Dynas. In answer to his command Taor appears now at the top of a cliff, now in the limpid waters of waterfall. Here's the complete list of his ballets as listed in Grove's. But in Soviet times it was considered to be ideologically immature and, dropped from the repertoire, it was virtually forgotten. I love Lacotte's re-staging for an opportunity to experience that genre by modern day audience, including lovely Pugni's music who was a … They decide to run away. Et Joseph partit pour visiter le pays d'Egypte. The choreography is superb. The Pharaoh tears up the treaty of friendship with the King of Nubia, and orders the latter to leave. Roland John Wiley translated a section of Ekaterina Vazem's memoirs in one of his books. Yes Pugni composed ALOT of ballets. La fille de pharaon is a wonderful early example of the grand ballet genre, one of the two genres prevalent in the last third of the 19th Century. De ce fait, elle se montre conciliante avec son entourage et aspire continuellement à un cadre de vie paisible. St Petersburg, Bol'shoy: Voyna zhenshchin [The Women's War, or The Amazons of the 9th Century] (Perrot), 23 Nov 1852, as Wlasta l’amazzone del IX secolo, ossia La guerra delle donne (Milan, ?1855); Faust (Perrot), 14 Feb 1854 (Moscow, n.d.); Doch Faraona [Pharaoh's Daughter] (M. Petipa), 30 Jan 1862, complete (St Petersburg, n.d.); Théolinda l'orpheline, ou Le lutin de la vallée (A. Saint-Léon), 18 Dec 1862, complete (St Petersburg, n.d.); Konyok gorbunyok, ili Tsar-devitsa [The Little Hump-Backed Horse, or the Tsar's Daughter] (Saint-Léon), 15 Dec 1864, complete (St Petersburg, ?1864). I thought it was P-U-G-N-I.....If it was pronounced 'Poon-Yee' wouldnt the 'G' come after the 'N'? Ha ha, I'd say it's mutual there carbro. Is it pooh-nee, or pyooh-nee, or pyooh-nye or what? Maybe some of it was done beforehand but the music had to be composed and orchestrated probably in a month or less. She mentions that the music of Pugni had no dramatic or local coloring and was often played at balls as accompaniment to social dances. Aspicia begs her father to give Taor his freedom, but the Pharaoh will not hear of it: he cannot forgive Taor for abducting his daughter. BTW: if Pugni's music for "La Fille du Pharaon" sounds bland and generic, one should remember the circumstances under which it was composed. I don't know what Cesare Pugni's Op. Taor cautiously walks up to the Princess and places his hand on her heart. On espère qu'elle est dans des Jardins au bord de ruisseaux et dans un séjour de vérité auprès d' un Souverain Omnipotent. Elle l'aimait comme si c'était son propre enfant ... Moché était si beau que tout celui qui le voyait ne pouvait pas le quitter des yeux. Sorry. I got to try to pronounce "Djouloukhadze" (well, technically that's Georgian) daily for a year, and was rewarded by being called "Khans. Settling down in a corner of the pyramid, the Arab merchants light up their opium pipes. The second birth of La Fille du Pharaon took place in Moscow in the year 2000 — the reconstruction was undertaken by Pierre Lacotte in answer to an exclusive commission from the Bolshoi Theatre. Russians are not always reliable when it comes to Italian names. Vazem doesn't discuss "Fille du Pharaon" in her excepted autobiography in Wiley. I know that the conductor Sitnikov re-arranged many of the numbers Pugni worte for "Fille du Pharaon". However, she also discussed her roles in other Petipa ballets including Aspicia in "La Fille du Pharaon". It was a rush job. You think the meoldies in "Pharaon" are dull? Un mariage avec la fille du pharaon - Salomon s’allia par mariage avec le pharaon, roi d’Egypte, en épousant sa fille. Didnt you work with Lacotte on "Fille"? Perf. 3 Sept autres vaches laides et maigres sortirent du fleuve après elles et se tinrent à côté d’elles au bord du fleuve. The Bolshoi used there own score that they have had for a looong time from the Gorsky stagings, etc. In fact, some of the more obscure French operas of the Second Empire period only live on in quotes in ballet music! I was wondering where you found this tape; I'd love to see it!

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