Within Florence proper, 46.8% of the population was male in 2007 and 53.2% were female. In the 16th century, during the Renaissance, Florence was the home town of political writer and philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli, whose ideas on how rulers should govern the land, detailed in The Prince, spread across European courts and enjoyed enduring popularity for centuries. [24] Cosimo de' Medici was the first Medici family member to essentially control the city from behind the scenes. The female squad of ACF Fiorentina have won the women's association football Italian Championship of the 2016–17 season. Espace client. By the year 1300 Florence had become a centre of textile production in Europe. Carolingian Empire 774–797 In 1013, construction began on the Basilica di San Miniato al Monte. 114). [7] Its turbulent political history includes periods of rule by the powerful Medici family and numerous religious and republican revolutions. However, at the last moment Charles Steinhauslin, at the time consul of 26 countries in Florence, convinced the German general in Italy that the Ponte Vecchio was not to be destroyed due to its historical value. Nearby is the Uffizi Gallery, one of the finest art museums in the world – founded on a large bequest from the last member of the Medici family. He praised the exile of the Medici as the work of God, punishing them for their decadence. Hotel in Florence Historic Center, Florence. Grand Duchy of Tuscany 1815–1859 Florence has been an important scientific centre for centuries, notably during the Renaissance with scientists such as Leonardo da Vinci. Florence has appeared as a location in video games such as Assassins Creed II. Duchy of Florence 1532–1569 20 years of experience. [21] The Black Death of 1348 reduced it by over half,[22][23] about 25,000 are said to have been supported by the city's wool industry: in 1345 Florence was the scene of an attempted strike by wool combers (ciompi), who in 1378 rose up in a brief revolt against oligarchic rule in the Revolt of the Ciompi. The oldest literary pieces written in Florentine go as far back as the 13th century. Learn how to create your own. Drop off day* Hour . The celebrated Chianti Rufina district, geographically and historically separated from the main Chianti region, is also few kilometres east of Florence. During this period, the Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola had become prior of the San Marco monastery in 1490. It was here that the Florentine Camerata convened in the mid-16th century and experimented with setting tales of Greek mythology to music and staging the result—in other words, the first operas, setting the wheels in motion not just for the further development of the operatic form, but for later developments of separate "classical" forms such as the symphony and concerto. [10] However, traditional and local products, such as antiques, handicrafts, glassware, leatherwork, art reproductions, jewellery, souvenirs, elaborate metal and iron-work, shoes, accessories and high fashion clothes also dominate a fair sector of Florence's economy. Florence lies in a basin formed by the hills of Careggi, Fiesole, Settignano, Arcetri, Poggio Imperiale and Bellosguardo (Florence). The originals are now housed in the Museum dell'Opera del Duomo, just to the east of the cathedral. Although the city was technically a democracy of sorts, his power came from a vast patronage network along with his alliance to the new immigrants, the gente nuova (new people). This area is commonly referred to as the ZTL (Zona Traffico Limitato), which is divided into several subsections. [88] Dante's masterpiece is the Divine Comedy, which mainly deals with the poet himself taking an allegoric and moral tour of Hell, Purgatory and finally Heaven, during which he meets numerous mythological or real characters of his age or before. The most important match was played on 17 February 1530, during the siege of Florence. 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He is first guided by the Roman poet Virgil, whose non-Christian beliefs damned him to Hell. The Piazza Santa Croce is another; dominated by the Basilica of Santa Croce, it is a rectangular square in the centre of the city where the Calcio Fiorentino is played every year. [73] The Renaissance marked the rebirth of classical values in art and society as people studied the ancient masters of the Greco-Roman world;[72] Art became focused on realism as opposed to idealism. [111] It is planned to be connected to Vespucci airport, Santa Maria Novella railway station, and to the city centre by the second line of Tramvia. Florence also contains various parks and gardens. [10] The city's income relies partially on services and commercial and cultural interests, such as annual fairs, theatrical and lyrical productions, art exhibitions, festivals and fashion shows, such as the Calcio Fiorentino. Following Lorenzo de' Medici's death in 1492, he was succeeded by his son Piero II. Florence's main upscale shopping street is Via de' Tornabuoni, where major luxury fashion houses and jewellery labels, such as Armani and Bulgari, have their elegant boutiques. Welcome to the beautiful City of Florence.Bathed in architectural beauty, artist charm and centuries of history, Florence is an Italian city of culture.. The majority of dishes are based on meat. From April to October, tourists outnumber local population. Calcio Storico Fiorentino ("Historic Florentine Football"), sometimes called Calcio in costume, is a traditional sport, regarded as a forerunner of soccer, though the actual gameplay most closely resembles rugby. The growth of Northern Italian Cities in the 1500s likely contributed to its increased prominence. 24/7 customer support. Florence is a city in Central Italy and the capital city of the Tuscany region. The Arno river, three other minor rivers (Mugnone,[27] Ema and Greve) and some streams flow through it. Adjoining the palace are the Boboli Gardens, elaborately landscaped and with numerous sculptures. 13% of public transit riders ride for more than 2 hours every day. This period also saw the eclipse of Florence's formerly powerful rival Pisa (defeated by Genoa in 1284 and subjugated by Florence in 1406), and the exercise of power by the mercantile elite following an anti-aristocratic movement, led by Giano della Bella, that resulted in a set of laws called the Ordinances of Justice (1293).[20]. The cathedral, topped by Brunelleschi's dome, dominates the Florentine skyline. Among the square's cafés (like Caffè Gilli, Paszkowski or the Hard Rock Cafè), the Giubbe Rosse café has long been a meeting place for artists and writers, notably those of Futurism. [55] In 2010, readers of Travel + Leisure magazine ranked the city as their third favourite tourist destination. The municipality of Florence is subdivided into five administrative Boroughs (Quartieri). From 1801 to 1807 Florence was the capital of the Napoleonic client state Kingdom of Etruria. These made the Florentines rebel, and they expelled Piero II. All of this is written in a series of 100 distinct novellas.[89]. There are several different churches and religious buildings in Florence. In 2019, over 50,000 students were enrolled at the university. 1865-1870 : Florence devient la capitale d’Italie. The game is played in the Piazza di Santa Croce. [47] The birth rate of Florence is 7.66 births per 1,000 inhabitants compared to the Italian average of 9.45 births. At the height of demographic expansion around 1325, the urban population may have been as great as 120,000, and the rural population around the city was probably close to 300,000. The Boroughs are: All of the five boroughs are governed by the Democratic Party. .Hanning, Barbara Russano, J. Peter Burkholder, Donald Jay Grout, and Claude V. Palisca. In 2008 the city had the 17th-highest average income in Italy. During the day of Easter, a cart, which the Florentines call the Brindellone and which is led by four white oxen, is taken to the Piazza del Duomo between the Baptistery of St. John the Baptist (Battistero di San Giovanni) and the Florence Cathedral (Santa Maria del Fiore). Я вообще-то думала, что овец - мужского рода RENT A CAR Pick up day* Hour . While Medieval art focused on basic story telling of the Bible, Renaissance art focused on naturalism and human emotion. L'Aquila, AbruzzoAosta, Aosta ValleyBari, ApuliaPotenza, Basilicata, Catanzaro, CalabriaNaples, CampaniaBologna, Emilia-RomagnaTrieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Rome, LazioGenoa, LiguriaMilan, LombardyAncona, Marche, Campobasso, MoliseTurin, PiedmontCagliari, SardiniaPalermo, Sicily, Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolFlorence, TuscanyPerugia, UmbriaVenice, Veneto, Capital and most populated city of the Italian region of Tuscany, "Firenze" redirects here. The nearby Campanile (partly designed by Giotto) and the Baptistery buildings are also highlights. Thanks especially to the works of the Tuscans Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio, Florentine dialect, above all the local dialects, was adopted as the basis for a national literary language.[15]. 2019 Feefo Service Award. The Palazzo Vecchio is the town hall of Florence and also an art museum. Snow flurries occur almost every year,[30] but often result in no accumulation. [41] The Uffizi is one of these, having a very large collection of international and Florentine art. There is so much to see in Florence, than even in a day or two you realize right away that there are too many treasures to see in such a short time. #3 Best Value of 1,818 places to stay in Florence. Florence's literature fully blossomed in the 14th century, when not only Dante with his Divine Comedy (1306–1321) and Petrarch, but also poets such as Guido Cavalcanti and Lapo Gianni composed their most important works. Opera spread from Florence throughout Italy and eventually Europe. Florence became a musical centre during the Middle Ages and music and the performing arts remain an important part of its culture. Rent a car Tramway. Kelvets. The Galleria dell'Accademia houses a Michelangelo collection, including the David. The Piazza della Repubblica is a square in the city centre, location of the cultural cafés and bourgeois palaces. *Original source lyrics (as zaphodb corrected) should read "Caché au fond des jardins" meaning "Hidden deep within the gardens". Despite Latin being the main language of the courts and the Church in the Middle Ages, writers such as Dante Alighieri[88] and many others used their own language, the Florentine vernacular descended from Latin, in composing their greatest works. The Palazzo Strozzi, an example of civil architecture with its rusticated stone, was inspired by the Palazzo Medici, but with more harmonious proportions. He used arches, columns, and other elements of classical architecture in his designs. Set in a 17th century Florentine palace, the … These principles became known as Machiavellianism. The layout and structure of Florence in many ways harkens back to the Roman era, where it was designed as a garrison settlement. ARRIVING IN FLORENCE . [109] The building, designed by Giovanni Michelucci, was built in the Italian Rationalism style and it is one of the major rationalist buildings in Italy. The extinction of the Medici dynasty and the accession in 1737 of Francis Stephen, duke of Lorraine and husband of Maria Theresa of Austria, led to Tuscany's temporary inclusion in the territories of the Austrian crown. [29] It has hot summers with moderate or light rainfall and cool, damp winters. For other uses, see, Savonarola, Machiavelli, and the Medici Popes, Monuments, museums and religious buildings. It is the first example in the western world of a bridge built using segmental arches, that is, arches less than a semicircle, to reduce both span-to-rise ratio and the numbers of pillars to allow lesser encumbrance in the riverbed (being in this much more successful than the Roman Alconétar Bridge). [citation needed] A museum recording the destruction stands nearby today. They play their games at the Stadio Artemio Franchi, which holds 47,282. [5] It is considered by many academics[6] to have been the birthplace of the Renaissance, and has been called "the Athens of the Middle Ages". Lorenzo was a great patron of the arts, commissioning works by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli. Train tickets must be validated before boarding. "No museum visit, just a photo from the square, the bus back and then on to Venice... We don’t want tourists like that," he said. Florence replaced Turin as Italy's capital in 1865 and, in an effort to modernise the city, the old market in the Piazza del Mercato Vecchio and many medieval houses were pulled down and replaced by a more formal street plan with newer houses. The other airport in the Tuscany region is the Galileo Galilei International Airport in Pisa. This large Romanesque crenellated fortress-palace overlooks the Piazza della Signoria with its copy of Michelangelo's David statue as well as the gallery of statues in the adjacent Loggia dei Lanzi. [80], Florentine architects such as Filippo Brunelleschi (1377–1466) and Leon Battista Alberti (1404–1472) were among the fathers of both Renaissance and Neoclassical architecture.[81]. In an effort to reduce air pollution and car traffic in the city, a multi-line tram network called Tramvia is under construction. The first line began operation on 14 February 2010 and connects Florence's primary intercity railway station (Santa Maria Novella) with the southwestern suburb of Scandicci. The city is home to renowned Italian actors and actresses, such as Roberto Benigni, Leonardo Pieraccioni and Vittoria Puccini. As well as numerous high speed trains to major Italian cities Florence is served by international overnight sleeper services to Munich and Vienna operated by Austrian railways ÖBB. The Florence Airport, Peretola, is one of two main airports in the Tuscany region though it is not widely used by popular airlines. They are filled with the creations of Donatello, Verrochio, Desiderio da Settignano, Michelangelo and others. The city is noted for its culture, Renaissance art and architecture and monuments. Historically, the locals have had a love-hate relationship with the Arno – which alternated between nourishing the city with commerce, and destroying it by flood. 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