He discovered how amateurs fruit growers were in despair, appalled by the state of the fruit patrimony. Two delegations represented this country, including an active organisation dedicated to nature conservation in the White Carpathians called Pangaea. This video is unavailable. Association Des Croqueurs De Pommes Du Confluent Ain Isere Savoie à Avenières Veyrins Thuellin (Les) Organismes de développement économique : adresse, photos, retrouvez les coordonnées et informations sur le professionnel He became convinced that without concrete and immediate action, conducted in their own orchards by the amateurs gardeners themselves, the old fruit varieties were bound to disappear completely. Cette association loi 1901 ou assimilé fondée en 1998 sous l'enregistrement 420035610 00013, recens Agricultural professions (farm workers, horticulturists, tree farmers and nurserymen) represent only 6% (close to the national percentage). The 1970's saw the awakening of the ecology movement. They were particularly active with fruit identification and tasting throughout Europom 2017. Genetic tracing would confirm this. Whether they are isolated or members of local branches, they have not changed much since the origin of the Movement. (D.R.) He also established contacts with the Institut National de Recherches Agronomiques (INRA). Overall, it was great to meet and exchange with organisations operating in various parts of  Europe who share the same goals. These regional branches, often very unique, maintain all their preservation orchards (a total of more than 100 hectares and 20.000 trees) and administer two thirds of the members (isolated members are administered directly by the national board). Les Croqueurs de pommes se sont réunis à la maison des associations pour une séance d’identification d’un fruit. We, LES CROQUEURS de pommes®, managed to exhibit apples from twenty different regions despite serious damage caused by frost in many places across the country. L’association est créée en 1998 par des passionnés d’arboriculture et de vieilles variétés. The family orchard of his ancestors, gardeners at Seloncourt (25) had been … CHOISEL received valuable support from key figures, in particular from M. PUJOL, from the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle. The others, fearing the Movement would break up and die would want to take precautionary measures. to contribute to the Kromeriz Palace seminar. This is how the Belgian organisation NBS (Nationale Boomgaardenstichting), a founding member of Europom®, described this annual celebration of heritage fruit at Olomouc: « Europom® was founded in 1999 as a consortium of mainly volunteer associations which are active in pomology and the conservation of traditional and local fruit varieties… The idea of Europom® started in the eighties as a response to the industrialisation and unification in the professional fruit sector. le 07 octobre 2014 - La Rédaction - Nord-Isère. British humour was cleverly used to show our audience how important it was to appoint skilled arboriculturists along with historical site curators to implement the project successfully. The Pays de Montbéliard-Belfort, where the movement originated, the "terroir", suited to arboriculture was particularly endangered. Les séances pratiques de taille et de greffage s’effectuent dans plusieurs de ces vergers, ce qui offre une diversité de cas et de situations. So, were the two samples of the same variety? Croqueurs de pommes 38. The traditional orchards, generally with a good mix of traditional, local and resistant varieties were disappearing rapidly. There are always potential risks: ageing structures or ideas, ageing of key persons, ossification, individualistic tendencies, excessive centralism, fatigue. The Swiss delegate was an expert of both the conservation of old fruit varieties and the development of new cultivars for commercial production. We agreed that this form of arboriculture should be given a future. But the seeds have been disseminated and they will continue to germinate for a long time. Likewise, with members spread all around France, justifying the motto: Only Normans can defend apples from Normandy, two trends would face. Therefore the Schwarzer api and the Api noir displayed at Europom 2017 were very probably the same variety. On the last day, I joined the delegate from Luxembourg to look at their beautiful pictures of centenary trees in the Slovakian countryside, sheep grazing in the orchards and of their nursery of high stem fruit trees. The Europom® exhibitions give these organisations the opportunity to meet, share information and good practice and at the same time it is a good promotion of the old and local varieties to the general public. This means a policy of strict. We discussed their horticultural practices and long-term vision. This population just became urbanized and industrialized but stayed in place, keeping its land, its houses, its gardens, its trees. 1 was here. Almanach des croqueurs de pommes. Media in category "Les Croqueurs de pommes" The following 13 files are in this category, out of 13 total. It contributed to revert a process, which looked inexorable before: the loss of the national fruit patrimony. Échirolles : pourquoi la galerie marchande de Comboire reste ouverte Almanach des Croqueurs de pommes | Les Croqueurs de pommes | ISBN: 9782909717555 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. People from this region traditionally also had a favourable cultural background in the areas of both botany and associative life. Watch Queue Queue What I liked best was the story of the re-creation of a historic orchard in the UK which happened to be a failure, explained in a seminar for the renovation of the XVII century Kromeriz palace orchard in Moravia on Saturday 7 October. I showed a ‘Belle limousine’ sample brought from France, harvested from a 80 years old tree which requires little care and can produce more than a ton of apples a year, only fed by the sheep that protect themselves from the sun under them. L'Association ASSOC CROQUEURS DE POMMES DES BALURES est implantée à Estrablin (CHATEAU DE GEINEUS) dans le département de l'Isère. © LES CROQUEURS de pommes® 2010-2021 ; tous droits réservés sur les textes et sur l'iconographie. 2019 à 06:00 ... Isère. The Czech Union of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners, a 170,000 members strong association celebrating its 60th anniversary, treated us with great care throughout the fair. The original presentation (the humorous name, "Les Croqueurs de pommes" – "The apple munchers", is a challenge). provided by our Île de France local association. This would explain how close indeed the Api noir on the French stall was to the picture of the same variety on the Brogdale website. Croqueurs de pommes 73. On Wednesday 4 October afternoon, after a comfortable trip in a second class carriage with excellent Wifi access, I, the representative of the French exhibiting organisation LES CROQUEURS de pommes®, was kindly picked up at the station by the organisers of the show with the apple samples I was bringing with me. A compromise was found. L'Association CROQUEURS DE POMMES DES ALPES LATINES est localisée à Neffes (LA COTE) dans le département des Hautes-Alpes. However, some weakness cannot be underestimated, as it is the case with any association relying exclusively on voluntary work. Moreover, the "Pays de Montbéliard", in addition to beeing extremely rich in fruit varieties was the heir of a long tradition in the domains of arboriculture and pomology: as early as  the end of the sixteenth century, Jean BAUHIN published one of the first genuine treatise on pomology. We, LES CROQUEURS de pommes®, managed to exhibit apples from twenty different regions despite serious damage caused by frost in many places across the country. Their delegates form a national board of trustees. Almost all professions are represented, with, as would be expected, a large proportion of retired people (approximately one third). « Li Vieii Pero » est l’association PACA des « Croqueurs de Pommes ». It was the first participation of The Swedish Pomological Society to Europom®. We talked about a possible contribution of Les Croqueurs de Pommes of Northern France to a sweet cherries conservation project, and of various topics beyond fruit trees, for instance extensive pasture land in the volcanos of Auvergne and the growth of arnica plants. It was great for me to meet the delegates of the RHS Fruit Group. The creativity and the commitment of the leaders as well as the traditions in relation to associative life of a territory are much more decisive. 14 Personen sprechen darüber. However, strangely as it may seem the considerable work accomplished has, to date, not enabled the Association to make its voice heard from the official authorities. Here are some of the countries’ contributions I witnessed. d'après le n° 5 (1979, 3è trimest.) Two features were apparent from the beginning of the Movement: The Movement grew very fast from the beginning. I drew a number of tree shapes developed during that century, which can be found in arboriculture treatises of the time such as the publications of Jean Baptiste de La Quintinie, who created the ‘Potager du Roi’ for Louis XIV. ». CHOISEL's decision to take action and rally volunteers to save fruit trees. It should be noted that the date and place for the birth of the Movement did not come out by chance. To structure the Movement became evident. The "Association nationale des Amateurs Bénévoles pour la sauvegarde des variétés fruitières régionales en voie de disparition, dite des Croqueurs de Pommes" was born in 1978 out of an idea from Jean-Louis CHOISEL, an amateur tree farmer and pomologist. The support given by numerous sympathizers. The association is aimed at promoting biodiversity through the identification and protection of regional fruit varieties, carried out in collaboration with various organisations in Europe. Having said that, most of the conferences were held in Czech, with simultaneous translation in English. The NBS chairman in conversation with the Czech Minister of Agriculture in the presence of the chairman of the Czech Union of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (right), and the head of the Flora exhibition centre (left). For instance, in the Southern Alps a 3,000 strong conservatory orchard we take care of produced ‘less than ten apples per tree on thirty trees, which the hornets fought for’. With goals clearly asserted and oriented towards the future, the Association develops its actions around two main lines: In 2010 the association consists of 60 regional groups which vary greatly in size but all share the same ideals, goals and methods. They all operate on a strict voluntary work basis. Is it because it never cost them a penny? We found their drive and energy to produce fruit in their local community according to the principles of long-term sustainable development quite convincing. Les Croqueurs de pommes Songtext von Pakita mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf Songtexte.com Ce fut l'Association des Croqueurs de Pommes de Savoie Tarentaise qui rejoignit les milliers de membres de l'association nationale, créée en 1978 à Belfort.Verger de Grand GondonTrès vite, étant donné l'urgence d'agir et les moyens à mettre en œuvre, nous avons pris le parti de travailler avec les collectivités locales e They are mature or senior men: 4 roughly equal age ranges are making 90% of the total number of members: 35-45; 45-55; 55-65; 65-75. While being independent, they all agree on a common minimum statute. The Polish pomologist thought that this even bigger apple of undetermined origin on the Belgian stall was of Russian origin. https://lesjardinsdici.com/2018/10/31/europom-2018/, https: // lesjardinsdici.com/2017/10/26/europom-2 017/. I also understood why there were so many apples in the commercial orchards between Geneva and Lausanne and in the Valais this summer, whilst so many fruit trees suffered from frost in Western Europe this year. In the meantime, I hope we will make progress on the question of the ancient forests of Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia they would like to visit to see their wild apple and apricot trees. With five organisations contributing to Europom 2017, Germany was the most represented foreign country. In general the annual exhibitions are accompanied by educational activities, tastings, fruit determination and expert seminars. L'Association des Croqueurs de Pommes du Confluent Ain-Isère-Savoie a été créée en 1998 par la volonté de Gérard Aventin, aidé par quelques passionnés d’arboriculture et de vieilles variétés. NPV (Noordelijke Pomologische Vereniging), which ‘stimulates the use of old varieties and the cultivation of high stem fruit trees’, represented Holland. The cohesion of the whole Movement is not so much due to the established rules, but is ensured by: All of this beeing done in what is known among the association as the "Croqueur spirit", a mixture of initiative, commitment, friendliness. I drew a number of tree shapes developed during that century, which can be found in arboriculture treatises of the time such as the publications of Jean Baptiste de La Quintinie, who created the ‘Potager du Roi’ for Louis XIV. Their stall was the largest and they had planned conferences and visits that enabled us to exchange knowledge and best practices during four days of intense activity. Three weeks ago, I travelled by train from Prague to Olomouc in Moravia, to the east of the Czech Republic, where Europom 2017 was to take place as part of the largest international horticultural exhibition and trade fair of the country, expecting 30,000+ visitors. Graft wood travelled a lot throughout history, which explains that cultivars from one country can be found in the heritage list of varieties of other countries. This national movement started in 1978 at the instigation of Jean-Louis CHOISEL, a self-taught arboriculture and pomology enthusiast. Early hours, before the opening of the exhibition to the public at the Flora exhibition centre. This line of apples contains two of my preferred varieties among those Les Croqueurs de Pommes exhibited. Expositions de fruits (3 collections, dont celle des Croqueurs de Pommes de Haute-Savoie), Projections de films, Ateliers pour enfants, Fabrication de jus (avec notamment l'atelier ambulant du Comité POM de Thorens-Glières), etc., ont comme chaque année ravi les visiteurs. It is the reason why, without moving away from its primary goal: to save the varieties in danger, the effort seemed to focus successively on the biological orchard, on ecology, on arboriculture, and finally on pomology. Another third is comprised of employees, technicians, workers and teachers. © LES CROQUEURS de pommes® 2010-2021 ; tous droits réservés sur les textes et sur l'iconographie. The conditions were favourable at that time because ecological concern was arising at the national level. LES CROQUEURS de pommes ® Cité des Associations Rue Jean-Pierre Melville Boîte postale 80043 90001 BELFORT CEDEX Téléphone du Secrétariat : … The advocates of decentralization would turn to a federative solution, trusting their local responsibles. A young team of very dedicated Slovakians during a tasting session on 5 October. Available now at AbeBooks.co.uk - 1978 - 1978 - Book Condition: Used: Like New - Occasion - Bon Etat - Les gourmandises des croqueurs de pommes (1978) The Swiss delegate told me that frost had not been that bad around Lake Geneva and, most interestingly, he described the methods professional growers use to avoid frost damage, such as sprinkling the flowers with water at the right time of night and day so that a thin ice coating forms and protect them. J. L. CHOISEL understood the wealth of local fruits was no longer available from nurserymen, because selling most of these varieties had become prohibited since they were not listed in the official CTPS catalogue. The public was learning in astonishment that everything on the planet was in danger: the sea, the forest, the wildlife... Theses new notions were widely spread by the media, which caused an increased awareness of the issue. Cette association loi 1901 ou assimilé fondée en 2008(SIRET : 509598975 00019), recensée sous le naf : Au Seven of the fourty two varieties displayed on the Polish stall. Parallèlement, un inventaire des variétés fruitières détenues par chaque Croqueur est mis en œuvre pour conserver la trace de ce patrimoine fruitier qui, sans ce travail d’écriture, risque de retomber rapidement dans l’oubli. _____ I, the author of 'Les Jardins d'ici', was elected on 9 April 2017 at the… The Schwarzer api displayed on the Austrian stall may have evolved through the centuries to a slightly different appearance, a bit more red? Bulletin de liaison - Les Croqueurs de pommes Sprache : français: Titel : Bulletin de liaison: Erscheinungsjahr : 1978: Über die Auflage : Date de début d'après le Sudoc: Anmerkungen : Notice réd. In many regions of Europe NGO’s were starting to map, study and conserve local and historical fruit varieties in order to preserve them for future generations. The association maintain relations with numerous learned societies or other associations. To complete the picture, we may add that 18% of the members of 1981 are still present within the association... but represent now only 4% of the total number of members. It was neither easy to set rules which suited all the individuals with marked differences and coming from different territories who had taken responsibilities in the movement, nor to set limits without impeding iniative and stifling creativity. The use of astute methods: surveys about fruits, contracts to implement orchards, free training, study sheets. Les Croqueurs De Notes (SIRET 84246319200018) à Grésy sur Isère : adresse, numéro de TVA, retrouvez les coordonnées et informations légales sur le professionnel We had a conversation about a variety displayed both on the French and Austrian stalls: the ‘Api noir’ in French, ‘Schwarzer api’ in German (= Black api). Further research led to the following two comments: Firstly, The British National Fruit Collection, based in Brogdale, United Kingdom, which holds 2,500 varieties of apples from the entire planet, describes the ‘Api noir’ as an internationally recognised variety of ancient origin coming from France, found in other countries of Europe under synonyms like ‘Black lady apple’ in the UK and ‘Schwarzer api’ on the continent. But this number does not include thousands of people who have been introduced to arboricultural techniques and stimulated to participate to the restoration of our common fruit patrimony by the action of the association. Its members improve their knowledge with the help of a. So we not only discussed biodiversity preservation but also fruit breeding. The National Catalogue has finally begun again to list forgotten national varieties. LES CROQUEURS de pommes® This national movement started in 1978 at the instigation of Jean-Louis CHOISEL, a self-taught arboriculture and pomology enthusiast. In all parts of France, thousands of fruit trees have found again a name and a value, ensuring their continuance. Each year, a significant number of persons do not renew their membership: a technical training or a solution to a problem with their trees is what motivate them to join, and once satisfied they go away. I am now a board member of the French non-profit organisation LES CROQUEURS de pommes®. This constant renewal of the living substance of the Movement, the contributions from the various branches, the new trends or centers of interest publicized by the media... without forgetting the mark made by key persons inside the movement, all of this is absorbed smoothly by the flexible structure characterizing our association. It was during my visit to Europom 2010, which took place at Wisley, near London, that I found my first opportunities to engage in local fruit growth and use with people who shared the same aims as me. To operate, the association does not rely on sponsoring or public aids. We are very happy to know that the Society will attend Europom 2018 in France. Photo 5 October. Depending on how long they have been in existence, they can comprise between 20 to more than 400 members. The terrible cold spell which occured during the winter of that year caused the death of thousands of old orchard trees, mainly due to frost and the thick layer of ice accumulated on them. This required the use of computer equipment and the need to beef up the team which managed the association. He writes the name down for the Belgians to carry out further research. Watch Queue Queue. Extracted article from https: // lesjardinsdici.com/2017/10/26/europom-2 017/ with kind Jean-Jacques Lescure's authorization. Barraux Les Croqueurs de pommes ont formé à la taille d’arbres fruitiers 18 déc. Many nurserymen are now offering local varieties in their catalogue. Among the things that changed in the last 10 years, how important was the contribution of the Croqueurs de pommes? The dynamic and realistic spirit kept alive by the newsletter and its letters to the editor. See https://lesjardinsdici.com/2018/10/31/europom-2018/. Thus, like seeds swept by the winds, there are a few thousands of these people throughout France. The British exhibited more pears than usual, as with only 20% of the normal annual production at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Wisley Garden conservatory orchard due to frost this spring, there were not that many apples to show. Organisations from twelve European countries exhibited seven hundred varieties of heritage apples and pears from 5 to 8 October at Europom 2017 in the Czech Republic. Among the various conversations we had, we talked about ways of spotting old fruit trees in a country of such low population density (22 inhabitants per square kilometer, five times less than in France and twenty times less than in England). L'Association des Croqueurs de Pommes du Confluent Ain-Isère-Savoie a été créée en 1998 par la volonté de Gérard Aventin, aidé par quelques passionnés d’arboriculture et de vieilles variétés. LES CROQUEURS DE NOTES à Grésy sur Isère Leçons de musique, de chant : adresse, photos, retrouvez les coordonnées et informations sur le professionnel With the current interest in nature and in the fruit patrimony in particular, the Association des Croqueurs de Pommes plays a dynamic role in the renewed interest in pomology and comprises more than 7000 members in 2010. Où puis-je lire gratuitement le livre de Almanach des Croqueurs de pommes en ligne ? Des pommes dans l’Ain, en Savoie et en Isère. There is little correlation between the number of orchards in a region and the number of members. Regular relations are established with other similar associations in France (Société pomologique du Berry, Mordus de la Pomme, I z'on creuqué eun' pomm, etc) or abroad (Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany). The average apple on the Polish Research Institute of Horticulture InHort stall was significantly bigger than the apples displayed on the other stalls. Fruits de Lorraine | Les Croqueurs de pommes | ISBN: 9782953588354 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Although very close, the ‘Api noir’ on the French stall were closer in appearance to the apples of the same name pictured on the British National Fruit Collection website we looked at, found by one of our German colleagues. A British Bramley cooking apple, an unusual reddish colour, next to Dutch varieties on the NPV stall. Relayed by magazines, newspapers, the radio and prominent gardeners appearing on TV it caused an overwhelming number of people to join the Movement, and even more to ask for information. Secondly, it is probable that the graft wood used to grow the Api noir at Brogdale, pictured on the British National Fruit Collection website, came from the same area in France as the sample we displayed on the French stall, the Auvergne region. 2021 | Les Croqueurs de pommes | ISBN: 9791091767149 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. The family orchard of his ancestors, gardeners at Seloncourt (25) had been destroyed under the pressure of urbanisation. Association nationale des amateurs bénévoles pour la sauvegarde des variétés fruitières régionales en … We look forward to welcoming Europom 2018 in France next year, on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 October in Troyes, to see how much progress we have made in the conservation of our common fruit heritage and promotion of sustainable arboriculture practices ! LES CROQUEURS de pommes ® Cité des Associations Rue Jean-Pierre Melville Boîte postale 80043 90001 BELFORT CEDEX Téléphone du Secrétariat : 0384214170 Merci pour votre visite et bonne lecture. For instance, in the Southern Alps a 3,000 strong conservatory orchard we take care of produced ‘less than ten apples per tree on thirty trees, which the hornets fought for’. German also was, after English, the most spoken language throughout. Recherchez un livre Almanach des Croqueurs de pommes en format PDF sur odpsemetenscene.fr. The "terroir" where the Movement began: a recently industrialized territory, of which the original rural population no longer represented more than the tenth of the existing total population. Bring together those who were aware of the situation and make them speak. To draw up an assessment would be difficult. Notre mission principale est … Currently 60 local branches and more than 7000 members are dedicated to the preservation of old fruit varieties. Photo 6 October, Olomouc, Czech Republic. The young association, whose declared purpose was to stop the damage done to the orchards of the amateur gardeners and to safeguard the local fruit gene pools, received from the beginning the support of mass media. Large-scale distribution is slowly evolving (often via luxury products). I liked the ‘Marion’ for its beautiful pink and yellow colour, and the ‘Patte de Loup’ (literally wolf paw) for its name and characteristic stripe, as if a wolf had scratched the fruit. I used case studies and literature references from XVII century arboriculture practices for instance at Versailles, provided by our Île de France local association, to contribute to the Kromeriz Palace seminar. It has allowed brilliant local branches fully responsible at their level to be created with their own methods and actions. Five causes can possibly be identified: Right from the beginning, J.L. But they continue to spread the message and what they learned and they remain "Croqueurs" inside of them. We also agreed that the Slovakian Pangaea initiative cited above should be supported. This second shock was instrumental in J.L. The originality of the message and its presentation was understood by the media. Il existe également d'autres livres de Les Croqueurs de pommes. Indeed, the ‘accession’, in the pomology jargon used to describe a new entry in a given collection, of the Api noir at Brogdale dates back to the early 1950s’, when the Auvergne sent several varieties to populate the world-famous British conservatory orchard in Kent with foreign varieties. Once a year, one of the local branches invites the other groups for the annual meeting, which helps keeping strong friendly bounds between executive committee members from the different parts of France.

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